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Moving Day Etiquette: 5 Things Movers Want You to Know

Dec 9

No matter what your profession, you are almost certainly faced with dealing with others on a regular basis. There are indeed a few items you would like your customers or colleagues could have known to make their interactions more efficient and efficient. They're the same when you hire a moving firm. These are the things your movers would like to discuss to make the moving day more pleasant for all.


  • Let them do their job.


How can you help your moving company the most? Allow them to do the work. You may think you know exactly how to get everything completed flawlessly, but there's a reason why you hired full-service movers in the first place. Step aside; they're qualified professionals who've moved a lot of couches, crates, as well as fragile items. They won't be manipulated and you'll become less anxious.

Make sure you have packed your items before moving day



If you're paying for a full-service mover, they will. There's no need to pay extra for packing services if you don't want to. If the home is prepared for loading into the truck before they arrive and they arrive, it makes their task significantly more simple. It's wasteful to let them wait around for you to pack.

Money, valuables, and prescription medication should be kept at hand.


  • Particular objects are a pain in the neck for your Movers.


They don't have to be burdened with things like jewelry or cash They would rather be protected from being accused of misplacing these things. Moving day is stressful, so be sure to keep your belongings safe, and let the moving company in San Diego handle the rest.

The boxes should be marked with the final destination.


Are you expected to assist movers?


Labeling each box with the room of destination will assist the movers with unloading more quickly and help you avoid serving as a traffic controller. This is even more important when you pay them an hourly wage.

Always warn the movers or make sure the box is labeled if something is fragile.


If your moving company's employees were psychic or telepathic, they'd never be your movers. So, let them know if anything is fragile or requires conservative treatment for another reason. It is essential to be clear and before time and write it down, mark the area on a piece of paper, or say the information loudly, and take action as soon as is possible.


  • Check that they have easy access that is simple.


Help your movers find the best place for their truck to park, where they can access your apartment the fastest, and also what restrictions could apply when moving. The movers are on the assumption that this information has been thoroughly investigated. They'd be furious if they discovered that their lack of preparation had resulted in a parking charge.


  • It is not recommended to place heavy objects packed into large boxes.


Isn't it sensible to place all the books in one box? Wrong. A big bookcase will be tough to handle even for large-sized movers, and the box could break when it is in transit. We have a guide to finding free moving boxes around town if you're in need of additional boxes to make up the gap.

Get rid of everything in your cabinets, drawers, and desks.


This not only makes the object heavier for moving crew, but it can also increase the chance of drawers sliding and moving contents. Therefore, the majority of mover San Diego will refuse to move furniture or file cabinets still occupied.


Some experts in packing advise leaving everything in the drawers to facilitate packing but this only works when the contents of the drawers are secured by wrapping them in plastic.

If you're not sure where to begin take a look at our guide for packing like a pro.


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