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How Do I Start Packing To Move Like Professional Felton Movers?

Jun 11

How do I start packing to move like professional Felton movers? There isn't a magic bullet for getting started on packing, but there are certain things you can do to motivate yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

How Do I Start Packing To Move Like Professional Felton Movers?

Our movers Felton give tips on to start packing for your relocation. Pack like a pro.

Step 1: Have a Designated Packing Zone

Make a personal zone and claim it. Having all of your packing supplies spread throughout the house when you need the tape will waste time and frustrate you. Instead, find a place where you can get what you need whenever, wherever, and whatever you're carrying.

Your packing zone may fluctuate as you move between rooms. So take over a corner, a counter, or even a whole space with your display. Just make sure you have plenty of packing supplies, such as tape, markers, and boxes, on hand.

Step 2: Get Boxes – Really, Really Good Ones

Before you can start labeling your boxes, you'll need some. You might get tempted to scour your neighborhood for low-cost – or even no-cost – cardboard boxes. That may take time to accomplish, there is also a chance that they might be flimsy and overused. 

Purchase boxes designed exclusively for moving your home. It can withstand anything the homeowner may throw at them. We also ensure that these boxes are long-lasting, reliable, and recyclable. You have the option of giving them to a friend or having them collected and recycled by us.

Step 3: Label Your Boxes

Labelling your boxes isn't a game of chance where you're curious about what's in each package. Get a bunch of excellent markers and write the following information on both sides of each box.

  • Which room does it belong to?
  • The precise content
  • Whether it's delicate or not (mirrors, for example)
  • Which side should be on top?

Step 4: Don't Pack What You Don't Need

There's no use in packing something you won't need. So take a good look at everything you own. Decide on whether you'll retain it, donate it, or throw it away.

Step 5:Resist the Reminiscing

It's straightforward to get lost down Memory Lane after finding an old toy or photo album. We've been there, and we know you shouldn't do it. Taking the time to reflect on everything you own will take up a lot of your time. When you get caught hurrying to finish packing the night before you move, you'll be wishing for that time. We suggest reserving it for when you're unpacking and have some spare time.

Step 6: Make a Do NOT Pack List

It includes toothbrushes, toiletries, additional clothing, and toilet paper. Make a list of everything essential that you'll need in an emergency or personal kit.

After that, decide on a box, suitcase, or another container where you can store these supplies. Make sure it's clearly labeled. Don't stuff it into the truck with the rest of your belongings. You must also know what NOT to carry, according to local and long-distance rules and restrictions.

Step 7: Only Use Packing Containers That Can Be Sealed

Using laundry hampers and garbage bags as alternative moving materials is enticing, but it's not a good idea.

The moving day might be a disaster if you use bags that easily split or containers that don't have lids. And the last thing you want to do on moving day is having to stop and repack your belongings.

Step 8: Don't Undress Your Dresser

Thanks to your dresser, your clothing is already half-packed! So take a minute and do the happy dance. Remove the drawers and cover them in plastic wrap for easy transport. It allows them to be moved by one person at any time.

Step 9: Heavy Stuff Goes On the Bottom

Packing is a skill. There is a procedure and a set of steps to follow. Heavy objects should be placed on the bottom, while light ones should be placed on the top. It's the same as if you were shopping for groceries. You don't want to smash your delicate stuff, and the heavier objects will assist in keeping the boxes upright.

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