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How do you calculate how much it will cost to move?

Oct 7

How much does it cost to move? Use our free calculator to calculate the cost of moving. Please let us know where you are moving to and the destination. You can use the drop-down menu to choose the size of your move-in bedrooms, the packing service you will need, and the move date. To give you an accurate cost estimate, we'll consider all these factors.

Factors that Influence Your Moving Cost

Don't forget about additional moving expenses when calculating your moving costs. These are:

Travel Fees 

Travel costs can quickly increase when you move a long distance. These fees include fuel and labor costs to move from one house to another.

How big is your move?

Are you moving a lot of things? Your move will take longer, and your belongings will be heavier. This can lead to an increase in costs. The rule of thumb is that the more belongings you have, the more expensive your move.

Moving services 

Although it is convenient to hire office movers to move your stuff, you could pay a few hundred dollars more. Hiring packers is a great way to save time and energy and avoid the hassle of packing up your home.

Add-ons for moving 

Any add-on services that you include will affect the cost of your move. This could include moving specialty items and disassembling and reassembling furniture.


When you have to move a lot of stuff, a moving company may be able to store or hold all your belongings. This service is available at an additional cost. Storage rates vary significantly from one moving company to another, so ask about specifics.

Moving supplies 

If you don't have enough boxes to move your belongings, you must purchase moving supplies. You must purchase packing papers, cardboard boxes, and plastic bins. Check out our Moving Box Calculator to determine how many supplies are needed.

Moving date

It is as essential to plan your move as the way you do it. Because the exact date of your move will have a dramatic impact on the cost. A weekend move or a move in peak season can cost more than a weekday move.

Liability and valuation coverage 

If your moving company uses it, you will likely need liability coverage. Many moving companies offer multiple levels, including Basic Release Value Protection and complete value protection. You may also consider purchasing additional moving insurance through a third-party provider.

You should also consider additional moving costs and fees.

These services and add-ons may be more expensive depending on what you need.

Specialty Moving 

Specialized items require unique materials and skills. This will most likely increase the cost of moving a unique item, such as a piano or hot tub, valuable art, or grandfather clock.

Long-distance carry fee 

A long-distance mover may be subject to a long-distance carry fee. This fee is charged if a moving truck can't park near your home.

Stair carrying fee 

When movers carry items up and down multiple flights of stairs, this fee is charged. This fee is usually not required for homes with multiple stories or a high number of stairs.

Elevator Fee 

An elevator fee may apply to your move (think high-rise apartments).

Moving service 

Do you need help packing your belongings or removing debris and supplies? This time-consuming service may require you to pay movers.

Shuttle fee

Some movers offer shuttle service to transport your belongings to and fro the truck. This is required when the truck can't park nearby the house. If your home is in an area that doesn't have parking, a shuttle may be needed to transport the items to the truck.


Do you need storage before, during, or after your move? Storage-in-transit, short-term, and long-term services will cost you more.

Additional stops 

The mover will need to make additional stops. Expect to pay more. Cost depends on how many stops are made and the distance traveled, and the labor required to complete the stops. A mover might stop at your storage unit to pick items up before delivering the goods to your new residence. Need to move quickly? Long distance moves can take up to two weeks. You may need expedited delivery services if you have urgent needs.


Although tipping is not required, it's appreciated. Tipping is an excellent way of saying "thank you" to movers for their hard work. Tip your movers with cash

You can use the office moving companies in Toronto to find out if your moving expenses are allowed to be deducted.