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How much do local movers usually cost?

Oct 7

Your move is considered a short distance if you move from one place to another, even within the same city. However, it would help if you didn't underestimate the cost of your move. What is the average mover's cost for a local move in your area? It all depends on how big your home is, your volume, and how many movers you have.


Average Hourly Cost of Movers

Moving companies charge $25 to $50 per person and per hour for local moves. A two-person team of movers working for four hours would cost $200 to $400 for labor alone. Keep in mind, however, that additional expenses such as transportation fees and materials will also be incurred.


Below is a table that shows the average cost of moving (based on an hourly rate of 50 for a short-distance relocation based on how many bedrooms you have).


Movers and Packers Prices

Are you looking to outsource the tedious task of packing all your belongings? Although it is possible to hire movers to do the packing, this will cost you more. The cost of movers and packers is usually determined by how heavy the item is, how heavy it is, and how many packing materials they use. 


If you opt for speciality moving services such as office moving companies in Toronto, it can cost $2300 or more. This type of service may be offered to you if you choose it. The moving company will likely pack your belongings and keep them for a brief time (e.g., a few days or weeks) before unloading and delivering. You should pack your clothing, medications, and essential documents by yourself and keep them with you.

Long-Distance Moving Costs

Long-distance moves can be more complex than shorter-distance moves. Long-distance moving companies must factor in gas, tolls and lodging, as well as additional fees for drivers. 


These costs will undoubtedly transfer to you, which will significantly increase the cost of the move. Long-distance moves can cost from $600 to more than $10,000, depending on the size of your possessions and the length of the move.